Guys and girls: do you actually use tinder for dating?

Do you actually use tinder for dating, or is it purely for finding hookups. To people actually hook up with it?

  • I use it for relationships.
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  • I use it for hookups.
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Do you find it successful for what you are looking for?


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  • honestly I use it for both, why not? It depends on weather I feel a connection with a girl or not and what they are looking for. I swipe right to loads of girls who are super sexy, but I would probs never date them because they are lacking in other areas, but obviously I would be up for a hookup with them (had two total, one was good one was bad).

    I am actually dating a girl I found on there currently. We got along super great form the first text and our first date was awesome. So you can date people from tinder!

    It really boils down to how you present yourself, if you have bikini pics or slutty pics, guys will treat you as a hookup. If you just have nice pictures to show how pretty you are and a bit of fun, then you are more likely to get guys actually interested in you. I say more likely because any girl i know that uses it said that only 1/10 are worth talking to, loads of assholes and creeps on there, so keep that in mind.


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  • I mostly use it for hooking up but it's possible to start a relationship from Tinder


What Girls Said 2

  • I am in a curent relationship, where we meet each other on Tinder. SO yeah, it's can happen. I was totally using it for dating and not for hookups.

  • I don't look for either really but I answered A