Hey girls, do you want us to have attitude?

You want us to be a "good guy "or a "bad guy"?


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  • Attitude? No. Women want you to be a man. The "good guy", and "the bad guy" don't fall in this category.

    • Ok, well who would you prefer, a gentlemen, or a guy who keeps you on the hook.( I guess it has an obvious answer), but usually girls does not think so.

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    • The best thing you can do is be yourself eventually you will find a girl who loves you for you.

    • Ok. i'm a gentlemen, according to other girls, that's why i'm saying all this stuff.

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  • attitude... no. just be yourself. if a girl likes it, awesome. if she dont, who gives? there's billions of us-.-
    as for me, id like a good guy all in all
    and id like him bad only, i repeat, ONLY, for me.
    mmm mmm.

  • I want you to stop fucking confusing us and be your fucking self!



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