Now dating one my brothers best friend, But is he using me?

If you look at my last post you would see that the guy I'm dating might not be the most sincere boy but he does care about me. Lets just get right to the question we only started dating a few weeks ago and were already making out (which I have absolutely no problem with) But when we are he's already grabbing my ass, boobs and has tried rubbing my privates (which I immediately stopped and told him that I didn't want to do that) and I feel like he's just using me. but there's part of me that knows we have been friends since we were little and i just don't know.


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  • "Using you" might be a bit strong. "Overenthusiastic and not thinking in terms of consent" sounds about right.

    A gentle link to along with "I'd like to see about making out again, if you're okay with going slowly" would probably get things rolling again without as much trouble :)

    Have fun, and play safe.


What Girls Said 1

  • If he is older than you then he is probably trying to take advantage of the young girl who thinks he so cool. He will want sex so if you aren't ready for that, then end it.