Please help me, did my ex ever really care for me?

My ex and I broke up in late January. The same day we broke up, he made a new Facebook page after not having one while we were together. Out of curiosity I looked at it today, and I was shocked at what I saw. He tagged a girl and told her she was beautiful like the sunset, and posted an old prom picture from 5 years ago of him in and an ex. Also, I have his class ring he gave me while we were together. I've tried to give it back to him, and he doesn't seem to want it. I don't understand. He knows I have a tendency to be very nosy, so is he trying to hurt me? Or did he ever even care? :(


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  • well if he is acting like that i doubt he really cared unless you did something to him which really pissed him off but if not then it seems as if he didn't care how long were you two together ¿

    • We were together since November 2014, on and off since 2012

    • well that is another story if its been that long he has to have cared for you at some point but maybe his feelings just disapeared and he felt like he needed to look for others or I don't know but like i said if he really did care for you he wouldn't have done those kinds of things

  • Ok seriously why do you care? he's an ex if it bothers you then go to the gym get toned and tight do A LOT of squats get that booty rounded and firm then go crazy posting pics on Facebook make sure he sees it then see if he really cares!


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