I have a budding romance, can you give me advice?

So I REALLY like this girl, and I told her how I feel (Yay me!) and now I know she feels the same way. I have no idea how to keep this budding romance from falling apart. Basically, I just need to know how to handle a relationship without doing something wrong and having it blow up in my face. Also, we are going to see a movie 1 week after this is posted, so If you see this before then, I'd also like to know how to make the date a success. Thanks!

I had to push back the date an extra week, something came up. We're still talking often, but I'm not sure if I should do something special to make it up to her or not.


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  • (For the budding romance) Just be yourself be kind and be a gentleman

    (For the date)

    1) listen to what she says even if it's boring rumblings about useless dribble if she's telling it to you it could be important to her (actually listen don't just nod and say "yeah" "uh uh" "cool")

    2) don't be pushy don't expect a full blown make out session in the middle of a crowded movie theater (it won't end well) be respectful towards her and it will win you big points In The end

    3) be wary of her body language if she keeps moving her hand closer to yours she could want you to hold it or she could just be reaching for a drink or popcorn be wary but don't be oblivious (you will be able to see the signs)

    4) trust your instincts that feeling in your gut don't ignore it if it doesn't feel right don't do it

    5) trust yourself don't try to be mr cool or mr popular just be yourself and remember she already said yes to you which means she's probably just as nervous as you are

    6) have fun don't stress about things like "did I say the wrong thing"? Did I say the wrong line? Just relax and enjoy the time with her stressing over every detail will just make you look for problems that aren't there

    7) be kind pay her a nice compliment say something like you look really (insert kind words here) today don't say... hey baby nice ass (it will get you slapped)

    Bottom line trust your instincts they won't lead you astray be kind respectful and have fun

    Good luck on your date man 😄


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  • First tings first im a girl so I know what girls like for the relationship, be gentleman have some chivalry {open the door for her etc..} don't pressure her to make tough choices,{ don't have sex before your married} and be willing to listen to her and be there for her if she's a good girl she with do the same for you, be spontaneous with things like giving her little notes and roses and when on dates be romantic for your upcoming date after the movie go for a walk somewhere romantic or ask her what she wants to do if she replies "i don't know what do you want to do " take charge and go do something fun like dancing. hope everything works out !

    • also be funny but not on anyone's expense but have some witty lines girls loves when guys make them laugh

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  • Stop calling it a budding romance and you should be fine.