The L word: what was the longest you waited in a realtiohship before telling them you loved them? What was the shortest?

Someone people are quick to say I love you. Some people are overly slow. How long do you wait before saying it? How long do you know how you felt before you told them? Did you try to make sure the feeling was mutual before you said it? Did you try and downplay things if you didn't get the response you expected?


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  • I'm wayyy too quick with the "l" word. That doesn't mean I don't mean it, I just feel strongly about people fairly quickly.

    • Funny, I am very selective, but tend to feel very strongly very soon when it happens. I'm very reticent to use the word though I think she knows. She asked a while back if I ever experinced love at first sight. I told her twice. She asked about them and I told her the first but couldn't tell her about the second. She didn't press the issue. She knows it's her, I think. So many months later, I still feel the same - maybe more so, though I didn't think it possible? No one wants to hurt or be hurt after what we've been through. I'm okay taking it slow. But I know how I feel and will share it if she asks or the time seems right.

    • That sounds like a good game plan. Taking it slow can be really great if you can do that :)

    • Thanks for mh! 😊

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  • Yeah... the L word dropped before we started dating. We took our sweet ole time getting around to dating. We met when I was 14. We didn't start dating until I was 18.

    We flirted for 4 years. Took 3 years to say the L word haha. He said it during a phone call. I freaked out and responded with, "Okay goodbye!" and hung up. Then I called him back to say it.

    We spent a long time beating around the bush to make sure it was a mutual thing - my momentary freak out denial of his affection ignored.

    He's the only one I've ever said it to.

    My first boyfriend told me he loved me and I told him that he was wrong and that actually he didn't. <- Ain't I classy? Ha.

    • It can be a tricky thing, can't it?

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    • I don't think the order or the pace matter as long as you are both happy. ... advice from an old guy (might be my new tag line), never stop dating your SO, no matter what happens in life or how old you get.

    • Good advice.

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  • Longest... well, come to think about it, never told her.. damn. shortest, 7 months. Won't do that again

    • Why, what happened at 7 months?

    • The l word= psycho. she just changed and did crazy shit after. . not cool at all

    • Sorry. Perhaps that means you dodged a bullet. Trust that marrying and then experiencing that is worse.

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