Does he like me? Help pls?

Alright. So I met this guy on meowchat, and he's really perfect. I know he's not a catfish because we Skype like everyday lol.
So I have a Feeling he likes me because:
A) he texts me like ALL the time. And very quickly too.
B) he tells me that I'm special to him and that I make him smile
C) he says that every song he listens to reminds him of me.
D) he tells me I'm cute even when I don't look cute lol
The only thing is that I live in Texas and he lives in Cali.
Any chance he will ask me to be his girlfriend?


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  • Long distance relationships don't always work out, but maybe you should find a way to meet in person before any relationships set sail. If you do REALLY want to be in a relationship with him, you should find a way to see each other often.

  • yes i think he might ask you.
    Just a warning though, i've been in a long distance relationship, and it worked out for about a year and then she started having less and less time, and she broke up... so yeah...


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