Why do people do this?

You sign up on dating sites, or dating apps, you meet someone and go out with them, not expecting to like them.
You hit it off well and begin spending more time with that person, and slowly you develope feelings, but the truth was that you were never in it to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, because you dont have the time.

You slowly develope feelings but you know you can't and dont have the time to get into a relationship so you just ignore him/her, in order to just get out of it.

Why do people get into things when they dont want to be in it?


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  • Sounds like a psychological problem... people want companionship and not commitment. Reality is that there's a price for everything.


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  • A lot of people deal with problems that won't affect their lives by sweeping it under the rug. It's selfish, but at the end of the day you never meant more than a few cheap thrills to them, or break from their own lives. That's why they can ignore recent interest.