Was I just permanently friend zoned by this girl?

There's this girl I work with that I love. I bought her a Valentine's Day gift. She had was on holiday on Valentine's Day so I couldn't give it to her until last night. She broke up with her boyfriend on New Years Eve. I told her to text me after she opened my present. Here's what happened:

Her: Awe thanks so much for the gift it honestly means the world to me. But right now Im not ready for any type of dating which you are aware this is a rough time. You really shouldn't have spent so much on me but I do appreciate it the best gift any guy has given me.

I then told her that I respect her feelings and she shouldn't do anything that feels wrong. I then told her that she deserves to be happy and there wasn't anything underhanded in my giving her the gift. I'm paraphrasing here: the texts were longer

She then said thanks. You have shown me that a guy can be everything. She said she's not ready to date any guy at all atm. She said any girl would be lucky to have me. She then said she hopes there's nothing weird now that I confessed my love for her because she said she couldn't handle me leaving her life. She said I'm too amazing of a person to leave her life. She then said my gift was really expensive and asked if I was sure I didn't want it back. I told her I'm from a wealthier background and it's not a big deal. I also said that I have no use for it and there's no girls in my life deserving of it.

She then said she'd be honored to keep it and thanked me again saying it was perfect.


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  • I can't say permanently, for a girl to break up means she needs time to heal, and so she actually means she's friend zoning EVERY guy until she's ready... so give it time and see


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