How come he denied we ever had sex?

I didn't give him any actual reason to do that. I just texted him telling him that I'm happy I was a virgin because I being sarcastic and I was hurt. He always be telling me not to text me then it be about 3 weeks from now and he would text me again and when he ask me to hang out with him he just like kissing and touching me and sometimes he be pulling my hair and I only wanted him to do that once and he did it without even asking me. and then all of a sudden he want me to leave him alone. What's up with him?


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  • He's denying you had sex because its illegal for either of you.

    I would also suggest that you stop talking to him, he will either keep using you or end up in jail.

    I hope it helps, if you have questions let me know~


    • No it has nothing to do with that the age of consent in my state is 17 and I am 17 also can you answer my other question please?

    • First state I've heard like that- Your second question is that he is playing you. He does everything physical but nothing emotional.

      All I can see is what you've stated, and that says "He wants to touch me, kiss me, make me feel secure, and sleep with me" - I don't see anything that says "he wants to take me to the movies, hold my hand, or talk with me about our future"...

      This guy is young, you guys have the option of making mistakes, just don't over-do it.

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  • Let him go, he needs to to mature on his own.

  • Maybe he doesn't want anyone to know that he had sex with a girl with disabilities?


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