Do you prefer chest hair?

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  • Yes, full on hairy please!
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  • Yes, I like a little hair.
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  • It doesn't matter. I don't have any preference.
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  • It doesn't matter but shaved is better.
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  • Must be SHAVED!! Oh My Gawd!!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Some is ok, too much is bad. I like smooth the best, with that line of hair from belly button to his dick left on.

    • Please vote! ;)

    • I don't know which one because I definitely don't like full on hair, don't think much about a little hair but it can depend where exactly it is, i wouldn't say "it doesn't matter but shaved is better" either... Ahhhh i don't know. Indecisive. The one I described above, which would you say to vote for for that? Like smooth chest or almost smooth, preferably waxed, with the line of hair near his belly button going down...

    • Quite similar to B, I guess.

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  • For some reason, my girlfriend thinks its a major turn on to have a little bit of hair on my chest so I keep it that way :3

    Do you like chest hairs? :D

    • I'm C.

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    • Right!

    • Good for you :)
      I do wonder what your future girlfriend (Unless you have one already) would want your chest to be like? :D No matter the case with you not being picky, all should go well for you :3

  • Are we talking about chest hair on men or women?