What is the difference between love and desire?

You hear this two words very often.
Love and Desire.


But what is their difference?

(transitive) to have a great attachment to and affection for
(transitive) to have passionate desire, longing, and feelings for
(transitive) to like or desire (to do something) very much

verb (transitive)
to wish or long for; crave; want
to express a wish or make a request for; ask for
a wish or longing; craving

They are so similar in meaning but people who created the word deemed one is not sufficient to describe that feeling...

What was missing from one that requires the other to exist?


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  • Agapi is love that you have for your family or friends. Eros is a sexual love you have for someone. Epithimia is a desire or want for possession of an item, which at the time included wives. That doesn't mean agapi or ero existed with your wife. Most marriages in the past were based on fathers trying to find rich families for their sons/daughters, because rich equals very little manual labour.

    Basically to answer your question when people started to translate from koine Greek the definitions or purpose of the words got fudged to basically all mean the same thing but they are actually all different.


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  • Desire is more physical, sort of synonymous with lust. Though keep in mind, should you 'desire' someone with whom you're otherwise compatible and feels the same towards you, it could develop into love.

    Love is more mentally-based. When your ideal date is just watching a movie or doing anything with someone, even if it's a super boring activity, but you're with that person, that's more like 'love'. You do start putting them almost on par with yourself when making certain decision as well.

  • Love is your connection with someone like you love your mum/partner but you may desire the girl next door. Both can be referred to humans or objects. I relate desire to sex. If I desired my partner, it would most likely be that I desire sex.

  • When I think of love I think of doing nothing and just staying at home watching Netflix and having that be enough cuz you enjoy each others company. And also being able to have space away from each other.

    Desire is more wanting to rip your clothes of everytime you think of the person. Wanting to be around them constantly and feeling sick whenever they're away. Kinda like obsession I guess.

    I don't know because I've felt the second one but I've never been in love so I can only really imagine that.

    • Yeah that's why I'm curious as to... what it is...
      I need a feelings dictionary.

  • When you love someone, you desire that person too.
    When you desire a person, you don't necessary love her.

    Love consists of feelings. Desire consists of attraction.

  • I desire to be loved by my crush.


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  • I desire sex.

    I love my mother.

    I do not desire my mother.

    Two totally separate meanings.

    • You could desire your mother's love. O. o

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    • I can't really that I love doing that.

    • But you just said you "wanted" to pound fat chicks.