Is he into me? I need help!

This guy that i like in class came up to me to ask me if he can put my binder away. This is how it went. *studderly walks towards me then around me * "do--you waa-nt me to put your--- binder awa-y" looks down at my binder (keepin in mind that my binder had my name written on it) he looks up and studders my name
me:oh no it's okay I'm going to keep it with me."
We both studder to look at each other when we talk.


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  • I don't see how that means he likes you to be honest.

  • Yep I would say def, he's trying to do something nice like that out of nowhere I'd say there is not any other reason he would do something like. I think he liiiikkkkeeess you lol

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