How should I approach this guy?

So I met a guy at the start of the semester in my freshman seminar class. We haven't really interacted before unless these count:
a) A couple weeks ago, he and this other guy in the class were waiting outside the classroom because the class that's in there before us wasn't finished yet. So I walked up and stood near them to wait and he made a comment about how the class wasn't finished yet (or something like that). I didn't say anything because at the time, I didn't really think he was talking to me, but others have told me differently. I'm pretty sure that he kept looking my way during that class. I sit next to the door so he was either staring at it, me, or the girl I sit next to. I don't think he was staring at the girl next to me though; later when she asked me a question and I responded, I saw him look my way. I noticed he also changed seats (he sat closer to me) during that class.

b) him saying "Thanks" when I held the door open for him. I didn't say anything this time either because I was freaking out about him being behind me. I actually ended up tripping up the stairs while he was still trailing me.

That was 3 weeks ago - he hasn't been back to class since then, which is kind of odd. The class is a graduation requirement, so it wouldn't make much sense for him to drop it (and especially after the drop/add period deadline). So I'm not sure if he's still in the class and just skipping (and thus risking failing the class) or if he dropped it. He's still listed as being in the class online (through the school's LMS - my school uses Canvas), so that's one possible way to contact him. He's also on Facebook so that's another way (though he doesn't seem to use it often). But I don't really know him and both of these options seem odd I guess? I guess there's no other choice though? Should I wait another week and see if he comes to class again? Or should I go ahead and try to contact him through Facebook or the school LMS?

Any more opinions?


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  • I think you should wait next class or two to see if he shows up. If not then your last options would be both FB and LMS. That does suck if he doesn't come back to that class because it didn't give you enough time to try and talk and get to know him more. I could be reading it wrong but I get the vibe that he liked you.

    • Thanks! I guess I'll just have to wait.

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    • No problem. Thanks again!

    • Your very welcome. Thank you again. :)

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  • interesting, glad to hear on how a girl is interested in a role reversal for once


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