Reading all the extreme abuse and/or the girl with low self esteem just staying with him, it all seems like highschool age kids or adolescent groups?

do you remember your hischool and college people being this cruel?


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  • I swear, I feel the same. People killing themselves over bullying for instance. I wonder if we are turning the world over to a generation of mentally weaker kids or there is something I am missing. Bullying has been happening since the beginning of time. What makes it so awful NOW compared to how it has always been? Answer... nothing. Yet campaigns, after school movies, movements dedicated to this now and kids becoming complete blithering mountains of goo about it.

    Also... what happened to a winning team winning and a losing team not losing? Scoreless games in school so no one feels slighted? Crazy crazy.

    I know that was off base of your question, but same thoughts.

  • I have seen and heard a lot of really nasty high school kids, yes.


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