Do kisses have different meanings? for guys please

like when you kiss a girl do different kisses have different meanings? like on the neck, lips, cheek, forehead,...?


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  • The things I think when I kiss a girl:

    Lips - regular : "Hi hun, I'm glad your hear"

    Lips - sexual : "I understand you want sex, and yes I'm in the mood too"

    Forhead - regular: "I adore you and don't want to lose you"

    Neck - regular: "I like where this is going, and I'm into you... But I wanna take it slow"

    Ears - regular: "Im horny and I'm a ready to go.. You, me, bed, now?"

    Etc... It really depends on the guy ^_^

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  • Totally! It even depends whether you live on the east or west coast. On the west coast, guys who know girls well will kiss them on the cheek - this is the same as a hug!

    For your boyfriend... the other guys nailed it (so to speak). If I want to get a woman hot, I'll move from her lips to her neck and take it from there...

  • On certain occations I notice I kiss a certain way. This is not all the time though:

    Neck: I'm up for sex, but just doing this is fine for now.

    Lips: Simply, I love you.

    Cheek: Sweetie, you're just too damn cute.

    Forehead: You've had a rough day, and I want you to know it's going to be okay.

    But like I said, not all the time. But under those situations I notice I kiss that way.

  • Yeah of course they do. I mean a mouth and an ear are not the same body part, so of course they mean different things...

  • Anything not on the lips is still a sign of affection in a romantic way (unless it is a family member) and these kisses are usually leading up to the full lip kiss.


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  • i know this is for guys, but I can kind of speak on my bf's behalf -

    he kisses my

    ears - when he's horny

    neck - when he's being romantic

    forehead - when I'm sad, or falling asleep

    lips - everything (sex, hello, goodbye, I love you, thank you, you're beautiful, I want you lol everything)

    hand - when I'm mad at him and he's trying to suck up

    cheek - when he goes for my lips and I turn and give him the cheek lol (when I'm mad)