Do I go or not?

So I went out with this guy about a year ago. we got really close for a minute then I got annoyed with him and ended it abruptly.

About Novemberish I hit him up randomly and we made vAgue plans to hang out and my phone broke and I have t talked to him since.

i just saw that his band is playing tonight and I thought for a second I'd go see him and try to talk to him but would this be creepy? I don't wanna send the wrong message cuz I'm not that interested but I also want closure and to show him how much I've changed.


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  • Me confused.
    You think he's annoying so you ended it.

    Then you want to get back together but you also don't want to get back together that much , you just want to show him how much you've changed.

    Waaaait a minute... weren't you the one ended it?

    I'm confused.
    So basically all you want to do is to have closure... with a beginning?
    Me confused.

    • No I didn't think HE was annoying I said he annoyed me. But more because I wasn't happy with myself and he made me look at some stuff I didn't wanna face.

      But I've definitely changed a lot and I've always felt like we finished things too abruptly. I'm not opposed to trying again but I'm seeing by couple other guys so it's not like I'm determined to... and I wonder if showing up will make it seem like i am

    • I guess so?
      I mean... it's a fine line you're walking there , cos it might send the message that you want to get together again and how "he was rigghtt alll alooooooonnnnng" kinda thang but... yeah I suppose as long as you know what you want out of it I don't see why not.

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  • It is evident to me that you are interested in him because if you were not interested then I doubt you would be contemplating going to see his band live just to talk to him and show him how much you have changed.

    If you are interested in him and want another shot at him then I say go and see what happens.

  • Just send him a text. Going to see hi will send the exact wrongest message!

  • Go I see nothing you could lose from going.


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  • Follow your:
    Heart first
    Pussy second
    Brain last.
    At least get laid out of the deal.
    Yeah, pussy and heart are interchangeable, depending on how hot, or hard he is.

  • What happened to the 30 year old guy?

    • There wasn't any. There was a 33 and 34 year old lol. They're both still in the picture.

  • So he pointed out a flaw in you and you got upset with him? Gurl you're falling for him and you don't even know It yet

    • No it wasn't like that. And I'm definitely far from falling for him... in fact im more falling for someone else but that's a whole other kinda complicated.

      But this guy is cool and cute and I wouldn't mind hanging out again

    • I been there before... it starts casual and bam... before you know it! He struck a chord in you. You'll see.