Girls be honest, what do you think of my profile?

I'm a down to earth guy. INFJ. I like going on adventures, but I also enjoy relaxing at home playing video games, watch tv, or cook up some good food. As of right now I'm working part time while going to college full time double majoring in film and world history. I'm nerdy, but I also like going out and having fun with friends. I would also like to mention that I'm a stoner but you don't have to smoke :) I have a weird (in a good way) sense of humor, and I like being a goofball at times, but I can be serious if I need to be. I love spicy foods. I'm bilingual and I'm learning my third language. Some of my hobbies would include running, acting, cooking, and playing video games. I'm also huge history/movie buff. I'm just looking for someone to be weird with :)

What I look like:
I'm 6'1 with an average body
My style would look like I work at Hot Topic

Favorite bands: Part time, Avenged Sevenfold, MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Bloc Party, the killers, Panic! @ the Disco, and Phoenix.


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  • Film and world history? Good luck with that dude. You'll need it.
    Other than that, everything you mentioned is quite common and there are probably lots of guys out there exactly like you.


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