Why would people be surprised about a 23 year old non good looking guy that haven't had a girlfriend yet?

I can understand them being surprised if I was some stud, but come on. Just because I am a good guy doesn't mean it's a surprise I haven't had a girlfriend yet. My female friend asked me already like three times how I come I never had a girlfriend even though I answered her the first time she asked me.(I wasn't even complaining or anything about me never having a girlfriend, she brought it up out of the blue).


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  • Oooooo! Seems like she likes you ;) lol
    You all ready told her why? And she keeps asking you again and again. She is interested!!

    • Yes I told her why the first time. I think she just forgot. She doesn't have a good memory. And no she doesn't like me at all, she views me like a brother.

    • Then yah! I guess she forgot.

    • Yeah and I view her like another sister of mine. She did tell me is surprised I never had a girlfriend because I am a really nice guy.

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  • Maybe bc she doesn't see you the way you see you. Why are you so hard on yourself?

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