Is there a way to test if he likes me? Is it okay to do so?

We've met a month and half ago and text pretty much every day (we don't live in the same city). We went on our first date on Valentine's (which I explained I wasn't sure was a good idea). He said he had a good time. He said he wanted to do it again. He's texting still. Almost as much as before, but still a bit less. He's giving me mixed signals now and I don't know where I stand. If I text him, we'll exchange dozens of text before I stop replying. But he never texts me first. And he hasn't asked me out on a second date.

Is there a way that I can test if he likes me? Like if I don't text him first and wait to see if he never texts me again or it takes day? I know this sounds ridiculous but I don't want to just straight out ask him - that'd be embarrassing.

I know it's only been one date but after a month and a half of constant texting and snapchatting etc, I feel like I at least deserve him being straight - either he likes me or not. I'm a big girl, I can handle it.


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  • Don't test people. You won't like the result.