Should I try adding this girl online or just leave it to chance?

I've meet this girl at bar and seen her there twice now , both encounters sort of random we have meet officially and she told me her name and where she was from. I though she was interested and she is single and goes to college near where I'm from , a bit younger than me but didn't feel that was an issue when we meet.

anyways since I knew a bit about her I didn't have much trouble finding her online and now trying to decide if I should try and make contact online or just leave it to chance that we see each other again?

  • try and add her it won't hurt to try
  • don't try and add her yet
  • other please explain
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  • That's very stalkerish
    Must talk to her next time you see her

    • I did talk to her last time I saw her , that's when she told me some more info about herself , we never discussed added each other online but it was late at night at a bar. I don't think adding her be a big deal just have to make sure its done right and that she feels comfortable about it

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