Anyone from the west have experience in contract working in dubai? how did you deal with their laws/cultrue and religious laws/police?

and the political drama? is it as bad as it sounds and looks?


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  • Don't do it. The money isn't worth it

    • Not all of the middle east is getting blown up. I was in Dubai last month and it was the same as it's ever been.
      if he was going to Damascus i could understand that statement.

    • telll me about it pls elaborate... its there but i dont think ist worth it either

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  • Dubai's pretty easy to get along in. Don't get drunk outside of the hotels, don't take your clothes off and don't get caught fucking someone you're not married to.
    Dubai's a great city. There's a bunch to do and a bunch to see. If you're there on buisness they'll lool after you and give you the run down on what not to do.

    • yah my buddy was dating a flight attendent from there and he had to lie to them and say she's his sister to sleep in the same room hahah.

      also heard of western women being offered to be bought off the men theyre with lol

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    • Then go make some money playa.

    • lol fasdfasdfadsf