I finally got the courage to ask a guy I like to hang out?

So, I like a guy, but I can hardly bring myself to even talk to him -- I am so shy, er scared to say something stupid in front of him. So I'm awkward around him. (He's kind of an awkward guy himself.) But a few days ago I got the courage and asked him to hang out with me. It went exactly as I knew it would -- awkward. But at the end of the day we had a nice time. He asked me to hang out again tonight, and it went exactly as I thought, awkward as hell!! I can't help but feel so shy around him, and I totally can't be my 100% quirky carefree self -- it's just a self conscious thing, I'm sure if I was my usual self with him and he may not care... but I feel like something almost holding me back from that. So will we always be awkward around each other?

oh and I think he wanted to give me a hug er something, but I awkwardly shied away from it...


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  • No I don't think it will alway be that awkward for you two. In my opinion you are both feeling the same way , worried that you will do or say something that will be taken wrong or worse make the other feel like stopping hanging with the other. I would have to say that the more time that you two spend together the more relaxed you both will become and these feelings will start to fade away. Just try to relax and just be your self. Good luck

  • No, with the time things will be better. Have in mind that you did the right thing. Just try to be less shy, if he's already hanging out with you there's no reason to be shy.

    • So, shying a way from a hug was not a bad thing?

    • Well, it is a bad thing, but next time make sure you don't shy away from hugs anymore ;)

      Don't make the mistake of losing something you're close to get.

    • Thanks, I'll keep working on it :)

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