Does my ex-girlfriend still like/want to be with me? Ladies, can you give some insight?

This girl I work with and dated for a couple months dumped me somewhat recently and started seeing her ex soon after... but when she talks to me she seems like she's still into me, like holds strong eye contact, plays with her hair, gets inches within my face when we talk... also I'll catch her staring at me at the work place.
I still feel for her, and I feel she might be attracted to me, but then I see her and her ex together on lunch at work and see them together in pics on FB..
I still care for her, we had a great time together... and even she talks about it to me...
I'm just way confused on what she's thinking, feeling etc...
Any input ladies?


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  • I think she's probably equally as confused as you are. Having an ex come back into the situation is super difficult. She may still feel for her ex because he's comfortable to her and it's a known territory; however, she probably doesn't want to fully let you go either. She may be keeping you close because you obviously made an impact on her in some way, and she is cautious of her ex to a certain point since it didn't work out once before.

    • I never thought of it like that... who really knows, but still, thankyou:)

What Guys Said 1

  • Who cares what she's thinking. She has a boyfriend. So it's hands off. Move on.