My friend won't date, and I wanna date her?

Well, my friend has some back issues and stuff, which basically means that if she were to fall, she would not be able to walk. Anyway, she uses this as a reason not to date, saying that if something happened to her, it would hurt the guy. I totally get that, but I kinda wanna date her. I say kinda because I want to be at the level that one is at with their gf/bf friendship-wise, minus the romance. Any ideas on what I could do? Thanks everybody!!


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  • A relationship between a guy and a girl without the romance is a friendship. You don't date your friends - you hang out with them! Treat it as if you were hanging out with someone of the same gender.

    If you want something closer - to be a brother to her - just be trustworthy and close. If you secretly want something else from her, take her response as a friendly refusal and don't let her future choices compremise the friendship you're looking for.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks!! That sounds nice being a brother to her :) I'll work on that :)

    • Anytime. Just remember that as a brother, you are trusted by her, and as with other relationships, you should be comfortable with trusting her as well. If you're afraid that either of you might do or say something that changes or damages your relationship, then put things through a "would a brother do this?" filter.
      I've got sisters at work. We've started playing WiiU regularly and sometimes they talk about their relationships. They're all awesome and make work more fun :)

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