What do I do I need HELP?

Some times when I'm at my boyfriends sisters house he leaves in the living room by myself with her kids while him her and his brother in law hang out in the bedroom and he will come in there every once in a while to check on me but that's it I sit in there by my self with her kids all day and all I look forward to is crawling in the bed cuddle with him and I tell him I'm heading to bed and he tells me he will be in there in a little bit and I lay there waiting finally get up and go see what he's doing and he's asleep on the couch I mean I love this guy to death be been together for 5 months and in all other ways he's great but what should I do. How do I tell him I feel overlooked?

  • talk to him
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  • break up with him
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  • Tell him how you feel about it, then decide what to do from there based on his response.


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  • When in doubt, talk it out.
    And hug like crazy

  • I am not sure I understand. Re write your story in a more simple and clearer way.


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  • Tell him you didn't come there to spend time with the kids, you came for him. So you would appreciate if he actually spent time with you instead of hanging with his siblings.