I don't know what to do im so confused help?

I just took a break from my boyfriend and this guy I've been friends with for a while I'm starting to grow feelings for, I'm confised on if I like my Boyfriend now.. I don't know what to do bc WEVE been together for 6 months and I've been friends with the guy I'm starting to have feeling for since 8th


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  • You can have feelings for both. The question is which one would be better for you?

  • Is your break a 'break up' or a 'recess time' for your bf?

    Will the newer one will also face this if you get tired and bore of him?

    • The guy that I'm friends with and starting to have feelings for has been my best friend for two years and he's been in love with me for about a year and he's so sweet

    • Are you sure 'Best' friend remain loyal, faithful, best whole life?

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