How do you tell your family you've got a boyfriend without 50 questions?

I'm 21 and also Bisexual. I dated a girl from the age of 16 to 20 so the majority of my family automatically assumed I was gay, I explained several times that I'm bisexual but my dad was like 'Amy there's no such thing' but he was 100% accepting that I had a girlfriend. I think he just wanted me to choose girls or guys so I didn't confuse myself. I met someone and I like him, he makes me laugh, he's a gentleman and no one's ever treated me like he does. I've decided to give it ago of things because I can't keep dwelling on the past.
I've told my brother I've got a boyfriend because if he ever meets him I wanted my brother to be civil and polite to him. No one else in my family knows about me and Nathan.
How do I tell them without 50 questions like:
- Oh, I told you it was just a phase you was going through
- There's no such thing as bisexuality, you're either gay or straight
- Do you still like girls or are you straight now?
Also I want to avoid bisexual jokes being thrown at me.
My family aren't shallow and when I came out as bisexual they all supported me and accepted me for being me.
I'm just so confused on how to tell them, I can understand how confusing it will be for them because everyone knew I dated Samantha for 4 years and now I'm with a guy..
I'm definitely still bisexual, in fact I prefer girls more than guys but this guys different and I like it.


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  • Just introduce him, they are your family your are always going to ask questions but considering your age they might not ask all at once.