Tips on kissing (Guy opinions please)

need to know what types of kisses you guys like, and what you like when a girl kisses u?


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  • Any kiss with passion is a good kiss in my book.


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  • First things first is it guy initiated or girl initiated? because there is a big difference. Also is it a first kiss or an after kiss? Another big difference. I mean one is to display comfortability, and the other can be mind blowingly passionate.

    • Either he intiates it or I do. after kiss.

    • Well a first kiss should be sof and gentle, no tongue within around 20-30sec. especially if the kiss is unexpected. it should be semi short in order to leave a little mystery and and leave the other or in most cases both wanting more.

      An after kiss should be filled with more romance. this time tongue shouldn't be introduced until about 10-15 sec. mostly because it just looks weird going in with tongue. just embrace him with what you're feeling at that moment.

  • The absolute best kiss I have ever had was from a divorced mom - a nurse. She kissed me: so soft, sensitive and natural. Then she did it again. She called the next day to apologize.

    I'll never forget.


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