Are these guys so rare?

The only guy I've ever truly admired and look up to was Steve Irwin. I think his personality is so rare; attractive, passionated, enthusiastic, dynamic, sweet, funny and adventurous. Then off course he was badass and daring but in the good way (ex: putting a very venomous inland taipan snake close to his face while at the same time saying one bite and it can kill him), not your typical wannabe jerk that only he does is trying to be the bad jerk, drink and sleep around to attract girls.

I feel like he was one of a kind and there will not be one that I'll admire like that again. I don't like any guy at my school.

As for Enimen or Justin Bieber types... they can go to hell for all I care.

Those are the good guys I'm referring to. But it seems like it has to be always extreme with some guys at my school or posters here; that it's either the very shy, awkward types that can't even look you in the eyes, very unattractive chubby guys that are awkward too or the real jerks that try doing stupid things or getting into petty fights... thinking that's how to impress girls.


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  • Heh.

    You got a good head on your shoulders girl, nice to see not all young girls are morons.


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  • Yes, very rare.

    To some extent they've always been a bit rare.

    But I think it's getting increasingly bad (not just for 'your generation' but even before mine).

    Some guys are naturally reckless.

    But what you are looking for is a guy who is sweet, kind, but tough and bold.

    I think most men who end up that way were naturally kind, but were raised to become good, brave men.

    We do a terrible job of that nowadays, as we try to funnel all boys into being nice well behaved asexual boys. Every year it seems we try harder to do that, hoping it will eliminate the minority of boys who are violent assholes.

    But we aren't taking the nice, caring guys and turning them into men.

  • Maybe you're into older guys, so any guy at a high school would be too young for you. :-P

  • They're really rare, but you can find stunt Devils who do similar stuff


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