Is he just not interested? Why be flirty and why text if he's not interested?

I met him a month ago and we've been texting everyday since. We went on a date last weekend and things seemed to go well. Since then we've been texting a lot too.

Yesterday we were texting back and forth - like a bit of flirty banter and making bets. He asked what I wanted if I won and I said that if I won may be we could get together next weekend to do something. He replied saying: "I have to study that weekend. Sorry. I have a test." That was it. He didn't offer an alternative weekend or anything. So I just told him to forget I'd said anything about it and that I should probably get back to my work. He replied to that saying "sounds fun!". I've not bothered to text him since he sent that last night and he's not text me.

So, was that him rejecting me and telling me he's not interested? I know that he really does have a test - he's mentioned it several times before. But it just feels like a brush off. Why is he bother to text and be flirty if he's not interested? Should I ask him out right? I feel like it's not fair of him to lead me on.

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  • Seems like a brush off to me but I could be wrong

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