I'm interested in her, but I don't know how to get my point across, what do I do?

I saw this beautiful girl I used to know wayy bak when: Primary School. I just passed by her a couple of weeks ago talking to a girl in my program. The girl I potentially am interested in I like never see, so I asked the friend I knew if a bunch of us could go out, and maybe she could bring her friend along. Thing is, I have the girl on Facebook, and I just didn't make that move because I haven't talked to her in so long, why start on facebook? I'm more of a personable guy anyway. So I'm just looking for advice, should I wait and see for the group of friends to go out? Start talking to her on fb? Or wait t'ill I see her? which is just chance by the way.

Girls opinions? What do you think of just randomly chatting on facebook?


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  • Well, firstly u can start off by talking to her on Facebook if u ain't that confident in "person"... or u can start by talking in "person" then carry on talking to her in Facebook aswell.. so double timing. When u talk to her, make sure the convos going interesting, and not boring... and also see the signs if she interested in u or not... like if she replies u short answers and not asking u back like if u ask how are u? and she doesn't say wht about you? then maybe she is not that interersted in u... but then dont give up. I'd say go for it but not to so deep cus u will end up getting hurt.

    • good advice, I would rather start off in person, but I don't see her around often, thats why I asked a friend if we could all chill.. Still waiting on that for a couple days. Wondering if I should just talk to her on Facebook or be a little more patient..

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  • If you cannot ask her out in person then ask her out on Facebook.