Too many guys to deal with?

Two of my guy friends have asked me out this past year. I let them down as easily as I could but it was super difficult and they were both extremely upset about it. They said I was "perfect in every way" and it sucks to have to reject the ones who care so much about me. We are still friends and I let them know how great of friends they are. To make things even more complicated, I've had a crush on this guy for about 6 months now. He has not told me directly, but I am pretty sure he likes me back. We have both had a thing for each other since the first time we met. However, about 2 months ago, I met this guy. I started to like him a lot. The only problem is that he is super committed to his sport and I feel like he is too good for me. I play his sport to, but I don't exactly like it. I am a very musical person and I am committed to music and the arts while he is more committed to his sport. Although I give my time to music, I am also pretty athletic so it isn't like I can't do the things he likes, I just don't enjoy them as much. He's a really sweet guy to talk to though. I just can't help but think he is too good for me, and he wouldn't want to do with a girl who isn't committed to the same thing. There is another guy I met around the same time 2 months ago, and he is really cute and he is protective of me and I know I will be over all of these guys in a matter of time, but it is so frustrating because a lot of guys I have to put down, or I feel like I am not good enough for them.


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  • Thats why I like to let girls give me a sigh for reasons like this to many issues in trying to get girls


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