I love strong, ballsy girls, but I refuse to be led around like a submissive partner. Do strong girls like independent guys like me?

I love the strong, ballsy (not to be confused with bitchy) girls. Just for an example, the hottest girl I know works out at my gym and is muscular and really outgoing. She's not afraid to talk to any of the guys and can even outlift some of them. I'm a total sucker for her confidence and sense of power (both physical and social).

I love girls like this, but I'm not willing to play second fiddle in a relationship. Granted, I'm not that outgoing, but I have my own strength and sense of independence. I'm a big guy, I lift weights, and I'm a teddy bear right up until someone screws with me. I'm very agreeable, but I'm not a pushover. This makes me uncertain that I can have a relationship with a strong girl. I get the sense that those types of girls want a guy who is much more submissive than me.


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  • I'm considered pretty strong and outgoing among my friends and i like guys to not be submissive.


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