Should I catfish (prank)?

im about to quit online dating sites (though i did actually manage to get a decent girl it only took me 2 months of being dragged through hell). but i still have a sour taste in my mouth from all the stuck up girls from below average to hot with massivly inflated egos (probably from inbox being flooded by thirsty guys) so i decided I WANT TO GO OUT WITH A BANG!

so the premise of this catfish is simple.. im going to make a fake account called "the black knight" (i chose this because all the white knights coated in armor made of refined friendzonite" and i will simply tell all the girls how it is and their actual worth compared what they think it is from the ego high.

example if she has a crap job no car and isn't even in college but only accepts prince chariming superman she's gonna get a word full. if they actually have something going for then and look good enough ill tell them..

naturally i won't do this on fat girls, unnatractive girls, or girls with kids their self esteem is probably already low enough. so as my question remains should i do it?

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  • Lol, no. Why would you? The fact that you're making such an effort shows that they're actually worth something.

    • day off work and i can't visit my gf so im quite bored. however i dont agree with you a lot of them have nothing going for them and are only average at best but think some up and coming rich guy with dashing good looks is going to swoop them off their feet. and there's also the ones that only like tall guys which wouldbe understandable if they were tall themselves but most of them aren't.

    • Can I ask why you care? People like that just end up old and alone waiting for their 'prince charming'. They'll learn the hard way. I get you though, it's quite annoying lol.

    • hmmm id say simply because although im not amazing model status looking im a pretty good looking guy i have no real trouble getting girls in real life. however i turned to online dating because i wanted to see if i could get a girlfriend with my same interests (which i did). but to my surprise all the girls were highly picky and sparsley responded if they did. so after a bit of experimenting i found they werent looking for anything they said they were unless its a good looking guy or a guy with a lot of money. it upset me so i decided i wanted to give them a reality check

  • Hey now. Do it to the fat girls. They're standards are way too high for balls of lard.

    • i wouldve but i only saw one or two fat girls with high standards. the rest messaged me but i dont exactly like big girls so i ignored them.

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