Girls how would you handle a situation, where a guy keeps disappearing then reappearing in your life?

We're not dating or anything but we had like a sexual relationship going on to the point where I started to feel used by him, because we would meet, he would talk me into having some type of sexual relationship with him (with PROTECTION EVERY TIME) , then when we leave each other I can't really get a hold of him. He'll like text me once a week, but won't really try to have a conversation with me. Anyways I've text him twice over the past couple of days, but he won't respond to me. Even when he text me on Monday, after I responded he ignored me and I haven't really heard from him. I'm over this cycle with him, but I really like him. I don't know why he treats me like this. This is not the first time that he has done this, he'll like disappear now and then come back around in about two weeks. It's not fair to, so what should I do?

  • text him again and confront him about it
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  • Just leave him alone and forget about him, no more second chances
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  • wait for him to come back around, meet up with him and tell him how you feel
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  • I personally think he just comes around when he wants to have sex with you he probably doesn't want anything else from you other than that, so once he gets sex from you he goes on his way until he wants to have sex with you again. I know what your going through because I had a sexual relationship with a guy and I really liked him but once I gave him what he wanted then he would not text me for a while which left me feeling hurt and used.

    If you continue to have a sexual relationship with him you will get hurt because you already like him and he may not be looking for a relationship but only sex. Maybe talk to him and ask him what he wants with you and if he could see a relationship with you and if he can't then I suggest you move on because you will only get hurt and feel used by the way he is treating you.

    • Thanks! You're dead on when you say he only comes around when he wants sex from me. It just hurts me because I think to myself how could a person be OK with treating someone like this that has been very nice and supportive of them. If he text me again out of the blue I'm just going to stand up to him and tell him that I have nothing else left to offer to offer him, or any more time to give him.

    • Also I haven't event thought about texting him today trying to talk to him and I feel good about it. I wonder why...

    • I'm glad that you haven't text him because you deserve better and trust me there is a good guy out there for you that will appreciate you. I know it hurts to be treated like that it sucks, these type of guys just don't care what they put women through, maybe if it happened to their sisters they would understand. He doesn't deserve you k he is just a jerk who will probably do this to other women.

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  • I wouldn't waste any more of my precious time on a guy like that. Guys like that never change no matter what you do. It's better to move on and focus on yourself.

    • And that's why I kept returning to him because I thought he would change.

  • When a guy wants to be serious with you he will make the effort.

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