Do you think that nice guys finish last, or boring guys do?

So what do you think? who finishes last?

  • Nice guys. Why?
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  • Boring guys. Why?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If a guy is plain boring then Ill deff overlook him bc Im just not interested in a boring guy; but that "nice" and "boring" can certainly be subjective, bc what is nice for you can be quite boring to me, does that makes sense to you?

    That being said... I chose B.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Boring guys are worse hands down. At least a nice guy has things to talk about and interests. What does a boring guy have to talk about? Nothing.

  • I wouldn't say either is "last." Nice guys, especially. Girl either crave nice guys or bad boys. Just depends. I don't chase either. That's just me, though. I'm weird. 😎

  • guys too wussy to do anything finish last.

  • I always thought the phrase, "Nice guys finish last" was a sexual term meaning that they hold off finishing until after they've brought the woman to orgasm...

    Never understood how it came to mean that nice guys get overlooked in the dating world.

    • Lol, i never looked at it that way, and if i have, it wouldn't have made any sense.

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    • Whoever cums first wins.
      Game over.
      Guys usually win.

    • Haha It torally was my 1st thought as well 🙈

What Guys Said 4

  • Nice guys finish last, if by 'nice' you mean 'morally good, according to conventional morality'.

    But, I consider conventional morality to be evil.

  • Most nice guys are boring guys. So, it doesn't matter who you pick.

    • What if there's a nice guy who isn't boring?

    • This is the most f*&ked up part about women. Nice guys offer women the world and a positive relationship environment for them to flourish. However, women don't find challenge in those men. Thus, they are boring and become friend zoned. They crave the drama, and then, turn around and ask where are the good men?

    • You are totally right but some women aren't looking for the drama, and I've seen some nice guys who can be nice and challenging at the same time, its hard but if someone manages to pull that off, well lets just say he is going to be happy.

  • And what makes you think that women are not boring and ignore the fact that society forces us to accept (i. e shoves it in our ass) that women are beautiful. what do they have so much to offer to pick the cream of the crop. YOU ARE CRITICIZED AND SHAMED AS BEING NOT A HUMAN MALE OR GAY DEGRADED TO SOME KIND OF WEIRDO. we are not given the same emotional free space.
    Girl is bisexual yay totally acceptable
    guy is bisexual yuu... what a creep fucking weirdo.

    • *if you dont accept that they are beautiful YOU ARE CRITICIZED AND SHAMED...*

    • Hold your horses there jimmy, there are many boring women and nice women and this rule applies to both gender... so let me rephrase the questions for you, do nice or boring people finish last?

  • Boring guys do because im boring and always single

    • Okay we have established that you're boring, but are you a nice guy?

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    • Well knowing the problem is half the solution, why don't you start working on yourself then? everything you mentioned can be fixed.

    • I don't never feel the need to talk to random people lol