Why don't I want a relationship?

Im gonna try and make this short.
Had a gf for 5 years had a mutual break up because we lost feelings for each other. We decided not to talk again and leave it like that. this happened about 6 months ago. She now has a bf which I dont care because im over her nor do I ever wanna get back with her. I thought I should mention that. On the other hand I'm here single. And here is my problem which I dont understand and maybe someone could help me understand it.

Dated her for 5 years and now that im moved on I feel like I wanna be single for maybe alonggg time. Sexual needs could be covered if I find a friends with benefits . But i feel like relationship takes too much work and there comes fights, presents, txts, and phone calls, etc. With it and I just feel like its too much work to date someone because I dont wanna put up wit that again after doing it for 5 years.

Why dont I want a relationship? Is what I dont understand and what my friends dont understand either because i can't give them an answer.

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  • there are lots of reasons and its very common. explain
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  • I'm the same way after a 6yr relationship. He's moved on engaged. I've been single and not dating but having my fun of freedom with who I choose. In 3.5 years I dated twice, each around 2mo. As two month line was approaching, and even before that, I wanted to end it almost daily. I think you're fine. Being single doesn't mean someone is lonely and friends with benefits ends up developing feelings and then your back at the hassles. Just have a ransom hook up once in a while? When I'm single, I am successful within myself and dont feel pulled down or aggitated. I'm healthy and look hot. No hassles.


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  • I think it's normal to have relationship and dating fatigue. Give yourself time and get back into things when you want to. It's not like there's a rush.


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  • You answered your question yourself; you feel it is too much work. The benefits do not outweigh the cost.

  • Only you can answer that