He let me borrow pj bottoms?

So I spent the day with a guy I'm dating (lets call him Smith) yesterday. We spent most of it in his bed and cuddling and other things. haha ANYway, after we decide to go out to the living room to hang out with his roommate (since he just got home) and Smith said he wanted me to wear something comfy. Before I had a chance to say something he handed me his pj bottoms. Fast forward a few hours later, I was tired so I decided to go home. I went to his room to get my purse and to change and when I came out, Smith was surprised I changed. I told him I didn't know it was fine for me to take them home with me. Even his roommate seemed kind of surprised by my actions.

My question, is this normal for guys to do with girls they're seeing? I only ask cause I honestly can't remember any guy lending me their clothes unless I was in a long term relationship with them and by then I had some items of clothes at their place... Also I don't have any expectations of this but just confused.


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  • He wants you to wear his clothes.. Sharing is intimate. Its a connect. I told my guy I wanted to wear his dress shirt and even had a dream of it and he thought it was sexy.

    • I get that. Guess i'm just confused cause we've barely been dating a month.

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    • Awesome words of advise. Thank you for the insight. ^_^

    • Very welcome!! And thank you 😄

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  • I wouldn't have thought anything of it.

    • To be clear, wouldn't have thought anything of it if you left the bottoms there. I dont think I would have offered either, even if I wore PJs, heh.

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