Am I just kidding myself or do I stick with it?

I'm 20 years old and have had many crushes. I'm sure everyone can relate to that. Unfortunately for me, things have never worked out with my crushes. Once I get rejected by a girl, or realize it's not going to work out, it obviously really sucks at first. It hurts to think about that girl. But I always move on because I realize that are so many other girls out there and there's always someone better than that girl I'm crushing on.

This time, things are different. I really like this girl, and I've bonded with her more so than I ever have with a girl. She's never had a boyfriend and isn't close with that many guys, so I'm sure she's never connected with a guy as much as she has with me. I thought I actually had a chance this time. After knowing her for about a month and a half, we got pretty close and I asked her out on a date. I explained that it would be a very casual thing, nothing serious. That way there's no pressure involved. It would just be to see if maybe there could be something between us. She said she likes me and likes hanging out with me, but there's some relationship/crush drama going on in our friend group now, so she doesn't want to add to it right now. She said now just isn't a good time. I was worried she would feel awkward after this happened, but she hasn't been so at all. So it's not like she's creeped out by me. We still hang out, study, and listen to music together.

After being rejected, I tried moving on. But the whole "there's always someone better out there" isn't working this time. I know that nobody is perfect, but I feel like some people can find that special person who is perfect for them. And this girl seems perfect for me. We have very similar interests, the same taste in music, the same sense of humor, the same relationship experience (non-existant). Even our friends think we would be perfect.

I've seen guys go after girls for a long time before things finally worked out. And this time, I'm not ready to give up on this girl.


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  • If you're not ready don't give up on her just yet. Tell her you're patiently waiting


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