There's is a guy I like... I need help ASAP?

So, there is this boy from school that i like. The only way we talk now is through snapchat. When we first talked it was after a football game. We were the last ones there and he was waiting for his ride so i stayed with him and we talked. At that point he had a girlfriend but now he doesn't. When on snapchat he is really flirty, sending pics of him in a towel after he gets out of the shower. lol. and telling me to bring him oreos.. or that he is on his way to get them. Every time i workup the courage to talk to him he is with his friends and then i turn around. lol. one time me and my friend were doing cartwheel after school one day to get his attention. I really want him to walk up to me in school and talk to me. I really want him to tell me if he likes me or not.. or how i can without getting hurt if he doesn't feel the same way. Most of all o want to get off fricken snapchat and actually talk to him. I'm on the verge of love with this boy and i can't control it!!! Please i need help! What am i supposed to do here?


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  • First I would say... calm down. Take a cold shower. Or what ever you go to do to get a cool head about it. Then maybe, try not talking to him for a day or so. Just 'be busy' all of the sudden. That will give you a little distance and if he is really interested he might come to see what abouts your up to if you drop off the radar for a bit.


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