Guys, I need your help!

What can a girl do to catch your attention and keep it? When texting what can a girl say to keep the convo going and when can you tell he's into you :p


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  • Honestly, texting isn't something that is going to keep my attention. I'd prefer an actual conversation over the phone rather than a simple text. If it's just texting, then that frees me up to occupy myself doing other things rather than wait by the phone for your next text.

    • I wann talk on the phone but I get really nervous and I start to over talk /.\ and I dont wanna freak him off or annoy him by my excessive talking

  • Wow this is the first time i've heard a girl needing help getting a guys attention. But its not like it's hard it can be something simple like a recent thing that happened. These things can vary on the type of guy he is. You can also take a different route and ask him questions, but not too much let these questions be a conversation start to find common interests and let things flow naturally.

    • Ok what if I've already told him I like him but I have know idea if he likes me back I've had a crush on him for. Awhile and I admited it to him he didn't reject me but he also didn't tell me he liked me back what does that mean? How do I talk to him in a way that he knows I'm trying to be more

    • Jeez that's a tricky situation but i can't tell you what you can do. Maybe he's just tryna deal with all of this mentally. It's best if you just ask him. Plus guys aren't normally used to girls confessing their feelings for them (unless they look like a celebrity). So when it happens they're most likely puzzled. But i could e something else you may never know (~~~*-*)~~~~

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