Should I explain to him why I haven't kissed him yet?

So I just started dating this guy. It's been about three weeks, and he's pretty great. Open, and honest, and he knows that I have trust issues, and that I need time to get comfortable with people, and he has assured me several times before that he is 100% okay with giving me as much time as I need to get comfortable.
The thing is, I'm pretty inexperienced. I've only kissed two guys before. Great guys and all, but I only did it cause I felt pressure to. I wasn't into it, and that made it awkward and gross and uncomfortable, and I ended things with these guys after that.
I don't want the same thing to happen with this guy, cause I'm starting to like him. I'm also starting to feel like kissing him would be okay, but I'm scared about the possibility of ruining things if it's not okay. So I thought I could kind of explain all this to him. I know he wants to be respectful, and doesn't want to scare me off, so he won't try anything, but I don't want him to start questioning whether I like him or anything like that. I want him to know where I stand. He's always been very open and up front with me, and has encouraged me to do the same.
So what do y'all think?


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  • I think being honest with him is the best way to handle the situation. Just say what you said here. He will understand.

    This guy seems pretty awesome already if he is being patient with you. Seems to really like you :)

    And he's not pressuring you so that is a very good sign.

    Be sure to just tell him that you want to be 100 percent comfortable with him before you do anything. He will understand.

    Let him know that you really like him. Maybe do other things like hold his hand and flirt with him to let him know.

    My bf took things slow with me too. I was patient with him because he was nervous and shy. It took us 6 dates for a kiss, so that was almost 2 months of seeing each other before it happened. But when it did, it was so worth it :)


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  • I think explaining it would be a good idea :)

  • Definitely tell him what you just told us

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