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I have been dating this guy for 2 months.. we connected on Facebook.. we knew each other in high school.. we had a great time on Valentine's day.. I told him how I felt that I like him n I hope things work out for the best... we talked about our pasts.. how people lied n cheated on us n we did not like that... v kissed.. cuddled.. everything was great... but after that night he has not texted me but I know he has been online as Facebook shows activity on the home page.. it's been 3 days n no text from him... why? .. I msgd him this morning.. saying hi and he responded but when I called he did not answer.. and I know he was online on Facebook chat.. why is he keeping distance.. I don't think I did anything wrong. . I do want closure from him if I did... I did notice he keeps liking girls pics but they are just pics plus him being online and no response does hurt... any advice guys? .. I don't want to loose him as I believe we have a great connection..


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  • I suppose he found someone else, and is too embarrassed to tell that to you point blank.

    • Well I hope not bc he said that if he did he would let me know.. plus he said I have set the bar high.. where he felt lucky tob in a relationship after 12 years though it feels like a dream for him.. He said it's hard to feel it's reality n he said he did tell his friends about me...

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    • You're most welcome! Having been at the 'receiving end' for a good part of my life, I suppose I know what it feels like!

    • I know what you mean... I don't think people understand what they do..

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  • well he is scared he is avoidingh you, most of the times it isn't because something yo did but because something he did,

  • Your interest for him is stronger than his for you. It is obvious.

    • I figured that.. yes he does bc he claims he has not been in a relationship since his last n first love of high school

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