Does he like me? I feel nervous?

At first we were both just taking the bus to college, early in the morning together, two times a week. He started staring at me first but would look away fast when I caught him. I am a pretty shy person but once I get to know someone I can be outgoing and funny. Usually I had my headphones in listening to music while on the bus. It all occurred to me as we were waiting at the bus stop one morning, he was running close to time. As he got there he asked me “if I was late?” It interesting because we always take the same bus together at the same time. I think he was nervous and trying to have conversation. I replied no, but I explained the day before I had been over a funny incident. What I said made him smile and laugh. Anyway the next day together, he was very late. He almost missed the bus, but as the bus went to the second stop, he came storming up to it in the nick of time. He sat in the front at first but then he looked back and saw me. He got up and stood right next to me. I joked nicely to him about him being late. He smiled and laughed again. The next week while we were trying to get off the bus we accidentally brushed against each other, but he stepped back and said “after you” smiling. After that day he started darting his eyes away again when I looked at him. At the bus station I saw him staring at me as well as at school he was walking in the same hall as me and even though he was talking to one of his friends he started staring at me. I felt so nervous for some reason so I quickly glanced away. Now at the bus stop we have been avoiding eye contact a little, but as I walked to the bus stop he smiled at me brightly and warmly then looked away shyly. On the bus I had dropped something and he rushed to pick up and handed it to me. He has done that a few times. Now he sits near where I am. His friends have been watching me. One has been holding the doors for me. I feel shy around them and afraid of what they will tell him. What should I do? Does he like me?


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  • Maybe. Just make the first move, not as hard as people think it is.

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