Took some time-off in our relationship. How to get back together?

Girlfriend of several months has been super busy with work, school (college), and job search. At the same time she's been more awkward around me. I was concerned, so we had a talk about what's up. She told me she was super stressed and has become unsure (about her feelings). We decided it would be a good idea to take some time-off, at my suggestion. It's been about a week now.

Our frequent texts have decreased during this period, but we still randomly text each other. Haven't seen each other since nor do we have plans to in the immediate future.

I've heard both pros and cons of relationship breaks. How will it go? Some said to wait until she contacts, or even an entire month, or just a week, etc...

I'm hoping to bring the time-off to a close (since it hasn't really been a time-off) and get back together - of course toned down to accommodate her busy schedule. But I'm not sure how to approach it. How should I go about it? Any advice? I regret suggesting "time-off" :(


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  • Well, if things were bad because she was extra busy, getting "time off" won't do you any good, since the little time you had together is now reduced to nothing. That's not good. Now, if she was distant because of other motives, time off may be helpful for her to figure out her feelings.

    If you're not sure about what is going on, you need to talk to her and figure it out. If you come to the conclusion that she's distant only because of work, get back together because it's not her fault she doesn't have as much time for you right now. You need to show her you're there for better and for worse.

    • When we talked last week she wasn't very clear about it either. She did say that she's started to become unsure about her feelings, but never said she wanted to break up.
      I'll try and get back again...

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    • I've decided to just let her be. So I sent her a message wishing her luck and everything

    • Well, I don't think that was a bad decision either. I assure you, if she still has feelings for you, you'll hear from her. Anyway, move on, focus on the stuff you like to do, get yourself busy. Things will be fine... good luck ;)

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