How can I meet him?

Hey there ! =) so there is a guy , who has been asking me to go out with him for like 3 times , but I made excuses. Now , we were talking like few minutes ago and he asked me again. I told him to give me some time to think about it.
I have some problems : 1 ) my parents are really protective , so I won't be able to meet him without their knowledge that's if I succeeded. The idea is that they ask me "where are you going , with who , when will you come back , and what are you going to do there?" So , I don't know what to tell them. I don't want to lie . I also don't have a car , so it's just complicated.
2 ) he asked me to meet him at Church. The Church is really small like everybody knows me and the people I know there are not you know like opened to the world. They may think of me in a bad way and stuff like that.
It's rarely when I go out to have fun so I need a plan to meet him. Please , help me. Thanks !


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  • Ask him to come hang out at your place or go catch a movie or somthin


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  • Ok then meet him at a mall

    • The same problem. My parents will ask me the same questions. My father comes with me when I buy clothes -_-

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    • Thank you !

  • dont meet him its a cult

    • why? he is so in love with me that's what he said.

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    • Thank you for your effort and time !

    • you bet

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