Are people in monogamous societies that identify as polyamorous just lazy at commitment?

I personally think so, but I am not trying to attack those who identify as polyamorous here, as I would never date somebody like that anyway so it doesn't effect me. I was just wondering if it is just me that thinks people use this because they lack self control necessary for a monogamous relationship?

  • No, polamory is an exceptable way of life
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  • Yes, polyamorous people just don't try hard enough to commit
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  • I do not think it comes down to polygamous people not trying hard enough to commit to a monogamous lifestyle, it is just how they are wired as people, they do not enjoy being in a monogamous relationship.

    There is no right or wrong type of relationship here, it comes down to what people feel is best for them. I am not interested in polygamous relationships and at this precise moment in time monogamous relationships do not appeal to me, I much prefer the quietness that being single affords me.


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  • Not lazy. They just like getting laid with freedom. They want their whore tendencies to be accepted.


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  • Polyamory usually involves MORE commitment, not less. If someone is "lazy at commitment" they can avoid relationships entirely.