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OK, I'm 25 have dated one girl for a short period of time until she gave me the friend zone. Never kissed a girl on the lips, much less anything else. I'm a bit on the heavy side and have a little speech impediment when I get overly nervous. Am working on both of those issues though. Well, i went as a group to my buddies bachelor party and we ended up at a strip club. I know, I know.. But it sparked my interest and curiosity in women. I don't really know where to start with a girl I may meet in the future. Any advice is welcome and appreciated.


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  • I'm a bit confused on the advice that you need? Do you mind clarifying a bit?

    • Asking for advice on where to start with a woman, given the opportunity.

    • Oh, okay! You just gotta talk to her and put yourself out there. If you can make her laugh, bonus points to you. Its the same as becoming friends with someone for the first time, you can do it!

  • It's ok, they're just people and pretty much can start by talking to them the same way you would to somebody who isn't a pretty girl. It's much easier than some guys make it for themselves.


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