What kind of movies do guys like? I need some help with this one :)?

So I'm going on a date with this guy and he keeps asking me which movie I want to watch, lol :) I do have a few ones that interested me, but I also don't want it to be torturous for him :P Are there any genres you don't like? I don't know if I should just choose the one that genuinely interested me or go along with one that I think he'd like better? :) Thanks! I tried asking him but he's said it's up to me :P Why isn't he helping me with this?


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  • In general you can just pick whatever because it's sort of a given that we're going to get dragged to a movie that doesn't interest us. You may as well watch what you want.

    However, most guys don't really dig chick flicks.

    • Very true, LOL :) Thanks & I'll definitely keep that in mind :) They wouldn't need to watch a movie they dislike though if they just chose the one they want, lol

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